Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fate meets destiny

Death couldn't be more clear.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Epic Journey

Hm, I said epic.

It all started yesterday. A nice beautiful day.
Awesome for packing, and apparently great for a
graduation as well. -.-

BECAUSE of this stupid graduation my friend had to park
way the hell away from the dorms. ANYWAYS so we
start to pack up my dorm and decide Hey! We
made a pretty good dent, lets celebrate with

(they didn't fuck up my order this time!)

So, we are driving back to the University, only to
be completely blocked out of ALL entrances to get into
the damn school. So, we park hell far away in a different colleges
parking structure, that CLEARLY SAID Commencement parking
this way. Mkay?

Well, we walk the fucking pilgrimage to the dorm and collapse.
Play some halo, eat some cake, pack thing. Fucking blast no?
We get hungry, and decide to trek back to the car.
Well, we get in, drive to get out. We cant.
The fucking EXIT is blocked by the swing arm thing.
Like, the one every train track has, y'know?

So, we call people, who are calling people for us so
we can GET OUT of a fucking PARKING STRUCTURE.
Like, wtf. There are still cars in there, and they closed the exit?
Idiots! FINALLY this old frail looking security
guard was like 'did you spend the night here?' or something.
Uh huh. Yeah, we sleep in our cars in parking structures....

Well, we FINALLY get out after an hour or so. And eat and get my
cleaning supplies. Well, while we were walking back to my dorm
with the cleaning supplies; trash cans, mops etc. We
were laughing hysterically at how silly we looked.
The items began to get heavy and right when I walked
into my dorm I dropped everything, on purpose of course.
Haha. Anyways. I look down and there is a puddle
Fuck me.

So, we are there cleaning it up, scrubbing though it is
only getting sudsy.

Anyways, its still there and wet.
That was my day. Lovely eh

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fucktard Cake

The title, self - explanatory.
Today, my sister and I made a cake.
WAIT. Start at the beginning shall we?

Chapter 1 - The Idea
So, my sister got the confetti cake batter right?
Fun - Fetti, whatever. Colorful balls of sugar yes?
So, instead of making cake she wants to make cup cakes.
Everyone loves cupcakes! Yay for cupcakes!

Chapter 2 - Fuck!
Cupcake day today! Roommates moving out, everyone gone
dorm to ourselves. Cupcake time! OH FUCK!
Somebody took the cupcake sheet with them.
-headdesk- headdwall-

Chapter 3 - Cookies!
Yes, cookies with cake batter. Yum. Yum.
Fun - Fetti Cookies, colorful cookies! OhMyOhMy!
Start making the batter. Add oil. Add water.
STOP! The COOKIE recipe doesnt call for water?!?!
FUCK ME! We just made CAKE BATTER!

Chapter 4 - Brilliant. Er....NOT!
Uhm. We don't have anything to put the cake in.
We have nothing to put cupcakes in.
We have cake batter, and nothing to put it in.

Chapter 5 - A pot!
I have this pot, you see. I make my pasta in it, so
I bring it to my sister, and we pour the batter in there
hoping it won't burn. The pot is small, so we have
to pour the batter in two different times.

Chapter 6 - Frost that bitch!
First time, the cake, the mini cake, came out alright.
Cute, and little. It will suffice. Frost it. More like
fucking, drown it in frosting.

Chapter 7 -
Another layer!
Put the second batch in, and wait. OH DAMNIT!
The sides were not buttered! And, then it sticks.
Half of it was able to be saved, and plopped on top of
the other mini cake. YAY FOR LAYERS! Extra frosting, cause
we don't have enough already? Well, we frost it, and what
happens? The fucking sides are dripping like lava!
So, picture it...

An already lopsided mini cake with frosting
dripping down from the side. Brilliant!

So, put it in the fridge, cause it will stop dripping...

Chapter 8 - && its a
Open the fridge to check on it, and rofl.
Its fucking as lopsided as ever like a glob

Fail at cake = Fail at life

(Cake picture posted later)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fail Me!

I deserve it, its been what?
3ish days? Fail fail fail.

In other news...
I am almost positive I am going to
steal a baby duckie! =3

&&Starbucks failed me.
I ordered a double chocolate CHIP
They run out of the chips.
Best freaking part too!
So, I go in Starbucks and come out
with a milkshake I could have so easily
made myself!

Note To Self:
Always order Iced White Mocha

The End!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movie Review Time

Oh. Exciting.

Movie Being Reviewed - Star Trek
When Movie Viewed - Saturday. May 16, 2009
Stars - 2/5

Plot - Destroy something before something destroys them

Okay, honestly this will be biased because I absolutely do not like space movies.
So, there is your warning okay!?

The only good parts of the movie were the parts where the
(wow, I don't even know his name)
blonde guy was a part of the scene. HE is the only thing
that kept the movie going. =/

Then, again its probably more of a guy thing.

Side Notes && Observations
There were a lot of old people

Funny part of the experience
Okay, so I went with my friend to the theaters and
we decided that we wanted to get some icees right? Haha.
So, we got them and my friend decides she wants to
try and put her straw in mine. Well, I flung hers away, and
it totally flung all over the guy ordering next to me. His face
was freaking hilarious. Like he wiped the icee away from his
eye and looks like WTF?! Hahaahha. Poor guy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Customized Just For You

I am carrying around a fucking headache like its my best friend.
I blame my sister. Curse her!

History is boring, sorry for you history buffs out there.
I need a new scenery to take pictures at.

&& end

Let Fall Back Asleep

It is just way to early to be up
and have to deal with real life shit

You know?